My Accounting Lab:

I'm quite sure you've heard me say this before somewhere in the pages of this wiki and in class, but the MOST important thing to understand about learning and studying accounting is practice. Umm, let me repeat that practice, practice, practice. One of the most important ways to practice is by doing the problems we cover in class, over and over again, until that light bulb goes off and you say Ah-Ha I've got it. Until then you are not ready for the exams where you will demonstrate to me your knowledge of the material we've covered. The best gauge to determine if you are ready is the "man on the street test". If you can go up to someone on campus, and explain to them how to do accounting you're ready.

Well lucky for you, MyAccountingLab allows you to practice problems over and over again. The problems I assign for a grade and the others that you can practice with are all referred to as similar problems (btw, when I say problems, I mean exercises, problems, etc.) which means that you can do the same problem with different numbers over and over again until you get it right. So take advantage of this tool, use it smartly and you will do well in the class.

Registering for MAL:

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ACG 2021 - Summer 2012- A Term

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Using MAL:

There is a button in MAL that may frighten some of you, it's labeled Take a Test. This is an important feature of MAL, and needs to be relabeled - what this allows you to do is to take pre-tests (at any time, I'd say after reading the chapter would be best) to see how much of each chapters material you understand. This is determined by completing a 4-5 question "exam", the results of which do NOT effect your grade. Instead MAL determined the areas from the chapter that you still need to work on. To do this, the button Study Plan will point you to work that you can do to improve the areas that you are weak in. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS TOOL!

MAL, has many resources that will help you work on the problems: videos (similar to my lecture videos), help me solve it (which walks you through the problem), links to the page in the textbook that discusses a particular problem. Use these tools if you do not feel confident about a particular problem.

Homework using MAL:

  • You have 3 attempts for each question so use them all to improve your score.
  • Don't just do the 2-3 problems per chapter, also work on the problems we do in class, extra problems, the more you do the better you will do on the exam, HOWEVER if you are having problems with any problems then come see a TA or myself.
  • If you miss a due date you can still complete the assignment but 10% will be taken off of your grade for each day late.
  • You will need a password to access the assignment after the due date and that password is 'thankyou' without the quotes.