Upon interviewing, Donna Pro, proprietor of Dingo Dollar, I discovered the relationship between a business' accounting principles and the virtual world of Second Life. SL supplies business owners a unique form of internal control; According to Donna, "SL will not allow anyone to pick up something they do not own. Unless someone pays me for that box, they can't take it. It's a wonderful safeguard." Second Life also provides the opportunity for the manufacturing and selling of products solely for the virtual world. For example, Dingo Dollar's inventory holds no real life counterpart. Donna states, "I would have to have other safeguards in place to market any RL(real life) product in RL. " The virtual world also provides the convenience of working from home. For example, during the coarse of the interview, Donna was preparing her dinner. Donna also calculates pricing of inventory, according to the time it takes for creation or the cost of each asset once resold. Depreciation is not accounted for Dingo Dollar's inventory. Concluding, I found the virtual world of Second Life has similar general accounting practices to that of the real world. However, Second Life business owners are under a form of "self-government", where each business owner deems their own practices. Contrary to RL, Second Life business owners appear to be subject to no apparent laws or governing procedures over their business practices, equating far more freedom.

[14:13] Daniella Sweetwater: Hi, I am a student at the University of Central Florida. Would you be willing to answer a few questions about some of your general accounting practices? These questions would be used for an extra credit assignment for Pinciples of Financial Accounting and would evenutally by posted on the web. [14:13] Donna Pro: sure . how did you find me ? [14:14] Daniella Sweetwater: I was instructed by my professor to type in businesses under classifieds [14:14] Donna Pro: ok. just curious is all [14:14] Daniella Sweetwater: Your participation would be greatly appreciated. There are only 5 questions. Do you have time to answer them now? [14:15] Donna Pro: yes. i might be a bit slow while i stir my dinner [14:17] Daniella Sweetwater: Well i don't mind waiting, but whatever time is most convenient for you. [14:17] Donna Pro: now is fine [14:17] Donna Pro: i'm just stirring now and then [14:18] Daniella Sweetwater: Okay thanks again. Also feel free to ask any questions you have for me or for the questions [14:19] Daniella Sweetwater: Are you the Owner of Dingo Dollar? [14:19] Donna Pro: Yes I am [14:21] Daniella Sweetwater: How would you classify your business operations? A propreitorship, a partnership, or a corporation? [14:21] Donna Pro: A propreitorship [14:22] Daniella Sweetwater: What forms if any do you have of internal control within Dingo Dollar, to safegaurd your assets? [14:23] Donna Pro: SL will not allow anyone to pick up something they do not own. Unless someone pays me for that box, they can't take it. It's a wonderful safeguard. [14:26] Daniella Sweetwater: I agreed. Is your business solely on SL virtural world for such reasons? [14:27] Donna Pro: : No one could use these products in RL. There is no counterpart. I would have to have other safeguards in place to market any RL product in RL. [14:27] Daniella Sweetwater: agree* I appologize [14:28] Daniella Sweetwater: I understand now, thank you for clarification. [14:30] Daniella Sweetwater: What meathod do you use for determining the cost of inventory? [14:32] Donna Pro: I am on a cash basis here for everything. [14:33] Donna Pro: I charge for the time it takes me to create, or the amount I paid for the items that I resell. [14:33] Donna Pro: It is more of an art than a skill, and is hard to put into words. You need to keep up with the market here, to know where you can add value that will be returned in higher prices. [14:34] Daniella Sweetwater: Great! Last question, Do you estimate depreciation for the products/services you sell? [14:35] Donna Pro: No [14:35] Daniella Sweetwater: Thank you so much again, your time was greatly appreciated. [14:35] Donna Pro: :) ty