Below are some common problems that you might encounter with Second Life, if you do, the solutions here should help to fix them.

Muting My Avatar:

Occasionally (and often accidentally) you might mute my avatar or another object. If you have muted my avatar or an object you will NOT be able to view my chat if I'm trying to speak to your avatar, or see the text feedback from the learning objects within SL. As this feeback contains instructions for submitting HW it is imperative that you check this and unmute my avatar if you have me mute. For objects it is easily corrected, simply right click the object and in the pie menu choose unmute, the same can be done if you and the muted avatar are in SL at the same time. But if that isn't the case, you can see who (avatars) or what (objects) may have been muted. Watch the video below to see how to do this.

Unmuting Avatars and/or Objects:

Sometimes this still doesn't work and you still can't see the text feedback from the models or the HW box, if the problem still persists even after un-muting my avatar try this last step, follow the steps in the image below:

White Mist Avatar:

And finally, sometimes when you log into SL your avatar will appear as a white mist (ghost). Usually this will change into your avatar after a short time but if it doesn't check out this knowledge base article for possible solutions.

Second Life is running slow(laggy) what can I do?:

The very first thing you should do is read this blog post by Joel Foner in which he discusses ways to make Second Life run faster on low performance computers. There are actually a few different clients that you can use to access Second Life, if you have an older machine or you find that that the main viewer (link above) is running slow, I encourage you to try one of the alternate viewers. One recent alternate viewer developed by Linden Lab is called SnowGlobe, and other alternative client viewer may also be helpful.