Technology Used In ACG 2021
Learning Accounting can be difficult for many students. At the same time you are learning a language (no different then Spanish, French, or Chinese) you must also apply that language. It's similar to taking your first Spanish class and after a few weeks being sent to Spain to try out your new skills. It's hard. In order to do well in the class you must master various things and while some students are quite capable of doing this by only reading the textbook, most need some kind of support. This course requires you to learn and understand concepts and definitions that will be new to most students (and at times even worse then new - concepts and definitions that you've heard about, but which mean different things in financial accounting) while simultaneously applying these new concepts and definitions (the accounting language) by performing accounting problems. Therefore, to help you acquire all the skills to do well in this course, I use various tools to help YOU gauge YOUR UNDERSTANDING of the material - before you take an exam! All of the tools I ask you to use (with the exception of MyAccountingLab) are free to download and work with both PC's and MAC's.

Learning accounting is also a bit like learning mathematics, it takes practice - lots of practice. To help practice your skills we will use an online Homework Manager - MyAccountingLab (MAL).To help you learn the concepts of accounting and how they relate to one another there are student prepared Concept Maps available to you, use them they are great ways to visualize the material in each chapter. To help you learn the foundations of accounting - that is applying accounting concepts to record business transactions we will utilize a learning platform called Second Life™ as well as the MyDebitCredit App. Finally, there will be various extra-credit opportunities throughout the semester, one of which will utilize a text messaging tool called Twitter.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this course, especially due to its size and delivery of content, is communication: amongst yourselves, in study groups (take advantage of what Second Life™ has to offer), as well as with myself. There are obviously many ways to communicate with me. I'll be available via e-mail and in Second Life as well as regular office hours - take advantage of this and don't forget about going to SARC. In the menu on the right are links to pages devoted to more detailed explanation of these tools, links to download the software and to sign-up for accounts (when necessary). Please take the time to read through these pages fully and review any videos that have been provided.

Learning whether it be accounting or any other subject requires one to not only learn new material but to learn how to learn. I have tried my best to provide everyone with tools that will help them learn. Many of the learning skills you will gather from this class can benefit you throughout your academic career so take the time to learn them here and don't hesitate to ask any questions.